Revolutionary Omnichannel Solution Launched at BAS Group Stores

The current retail market is volatile and developments are moving forward at a staggering rate. High streets attract fewer customers and consumers are making more conscious choices. On the other hand, e-commerce spending is up and new sales channels are emerging.

“By being able to sell anywhere and informing the customer, you create the ultimate customer experience.” Sam Egmond, Area Stores Manager Trainee

The BAS Group, with shop chains dixons, iCentre and MyCom, actively embraces the rapidly changing world of retail, an example of which is the utilisation of a complete and no-compromise working mobile checkout and payment system. This OMNI channel system seamlessly merges online and offline and offers the store and the customer unlimited access to the ‘eternal aisle’: the consumer has the widest possible range of products at his disposal.

In all 165 BAS Group stores, the existing cash register systems were replaced by a cost-efficient web-based mPOS solution. The fully integrated system handles all payments via the PayPlaza Payment Platform. A ‘PayPlaza Payment Cradle’ is used on the shop floor. This all-in-one unit incorporates a mobile pin machine and a 2D barcode scanner. This allows for quick and easy payment via the iPod WiFi. Moreover, every store will still have a payment terminal for payments over IP, in order to ensure business continuity in the event of a WiFi outage.

“Our customer/supplier relationship truly evolved into co-ownership, where we worked together to develop something powerful.”
Edgar Plasa, CEO Payplaza


The cradle can be equipped with an iPhone, so that this solution can also be used as a mobile cash register. This unique cash register app, named iWpos app, features every possible modcon and turns the store into an extension of the website, and vice versa. This store cash register ERP system, which was developed by the BAS Group, is a component of the Wpos platform with integrates seamlessly with the PayPlaza payment solutions.

Currently some 1,000 cradles (scan-ecr-payment terminals) are operational in chain stores. However, every store will continue to have an active 1 IP payment terminal as a backup for unforeseen WiFi outages. This system can still be used to process payments.

This new payment method leads to demonstrable cost reductions and increases the opportunities for store staff to interact with customers. The sales force can move beyond checking store supplies and instead tap into the full product range. The customer is given the best possible support in his purchase process, increasing shop floor conversion.

“In our technical solutions, the client comes first. Our technology, paired with the expertise of our partners, has given us the opportunity to better serve customers across all our channels.”
Lub ten Napel, CIO BAS Group


The PayPlaza Platform and the payment terminal with Wpos software enable full omni-channel integration, and facilitate the first steps toward a new future for retail in Europe. With this innovative, mobile payment system, store staff can be deployed in a more flexible manner and operate more actively on the shop floor, which will lead to a greater sense of fulfilment among the sales force and higher customer satisfaction – which will subsequently boost sales results.

The unique iWpos register app was developed by BAS Group specialists in collaboration with Payplaza. The partnership between BAS Group and PayPlaza is due to intensify in the future, considering the added value of this innovative and fully integrated mPOS solution and the interest that has been expressed by the retail industry.