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Corona – PIN needed less often when making contactless payments (per 24-03-2020)

With immediate effect, Dutch banks are enabling customers to make more contactless payments in stores without having to enter their PIN. For small contactless payments of up to 25 euros, customers hardly have to touch the terminal at all. Banks will continue this initiative for as long as needed as part of the exceptional measures required to contain the new coronavirus.

The cumulative limit for contactless payments with a debit card, which used to be 50 euros, is now being raised to 100 euros. And while customers regularly used to have to insert their card in the payment terminal and enter their PIN even for totals below 25 euros, that will no longer be the case from now on.

“We are asking customers at supermarkets and other stores to opt for contactless payment as much as possible,” says René Roorda, general director at the Dutch Food Retail Association. “We’re happy to see banks step up and take initiative here. These measures will benefit customers and employees alike.”

Spokesperson Cees van Tiggelen, a representative of various senior citizens’ organisations, supports the raised limit: “The easier it is for the elderly to use contactless payments for their shopping, the better. And the security is just as high on contactless cards, so that doesn’t need to be a concern either.”

For the time being, contactless payments above 25 euros still need to be verified by entering the PIN.


Payplaza expands agreement with Vodafone Business.

Payplaza, Bechtle, Vodafone Business and Microsoft have signed an agreement for a new ‘style’ platform for internal and external communication. Based on the Microsoft O365 platform, MS Teams (formaly Skype for Business) is being used to communicate via the Vodafone global phone infrastructure. Employees are therefor better equiped according to the new way of working ‘everywhere’ in the cloud and.

Payplaza signs agreement with SalesForce.

Payplaza and Salesforce has signed an agreement to implement their CRM environment into the Payplaza payment facilities. Doing so Payplaza can provide custom and customer friendly do it yourself like portals in the near future to upgrade the customer experience to a next level.

Per 13 januari 2020 om 10:00 CET stopt Payplaza volledig met haar ECR webservice 2.3. op deze datum kan er geen gebruik meer worden gemaakt van deze verouderde webservice.

Payplaza heeft zoals u gewent bent een certificeringsafdeling die u kan begeleiden naar de nieuwe ECR Webservice 4.0.

Hoe kan ik als eindgebruiker weten of het voor mij blijft werken na 13 januari 2020? Indien u huidig al in staat bent om contactloos te betalen met uw betaalautomaat zal alles blijven functioneren en hoeft u in basis niks te doen. Indien u een Ingenico ICT220 betaalautomaat heeft zult u deze moeten vervangen voor een nieuwe betaalautomaat die wel contactloos betalen ondersteunt. Indien u een ICT250 betaalautomaat heeft die kassa gekoppeld is en waarbij de kassa(leverancier) nog niet functioneert op ECR WS 4.0 zal deze ook stoppen met werken, u heeft dan de mogelijkheid om de ICT250 als standalone te laten instellen door Payplaza. De kassa koppeling komt dan te vervallen voor deze terminal (tot uw kassaleverancier de update naar ECR WS4.0 heeft gedaan).

Payplaza and G4S introduces a revolutionary cash payment solution together on the worldwide Money2020 exhibit.

G4S has a unique global footprint with operations across more than 90 countries and started to use the Payplaza Cash Solution for their customers. Payplaza’s high secure PCI-DSS ‘super’ redundant router solution with SD-WAN capability will be leading in the upcoming and available cash market omni-channel solutions.

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Payplaza pilots Payconiq

Payconiq enables mobile payments by smartphone. You link your bank account to the app and you can then pay for purchases in physical stores or on e-commerce sites by scanning QR codes, confirming your payment with either your fingerprint or a PIN code.

NS Rail (Dutch Railways) Catering uses Payplaza’s mobile payment solution.

NS Rail Catering uses Payplaza’s mobile payment solution to let customers pay their snacks and beverages while traveling around The Netherlands by train.

Payplaza B.V. moves their complete payment gateway infrastructure to new datacenters per the end of June 2019.

All equipment and services currently used by Payplaza is housed in a datacenter in Utrecht. Because of the explosive growth of the recent years and increasing availability furthermore, Payplaza decided to invest substantially in new hard- and software. Per the end of June 2019 Payplaza will go live with their complete new infrastructure in geo-separated redundant Equinix datacenters and also will be able to get access to better, more direct- and intercontinental connection services.

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Vodafone Libertel B.V. closes a global agreement with Payplaza B.V.

Payplaza B.V. was looking for a one-stop-shop Enterprise grade global telecommunications provider to provide a worldwide mobile data and coverage platform for their payment devices and payment solutions located around the globe.

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Innovend and PayPlaza work together on vendingsolutions

Innovend Vending Solutions was looking for a payment solution with just one infrastructure that can be used for different countries. After a short search, Innovend found the ideal solution in Payplaza: a omnichannel payment platform with one infrastructure. Do you want to know more?

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PayPlaza has a new datacenter

PayPlaza has a new datacenter, ready and complaint for the Payment Industry and high volume transactions. PayPlaza’s COO Maurice Bahnen and his team of IT professionals designed it together with Cisco, Fortinet, Veeam Software, VMware, Pure Storage and Bechtle direct B.V. it became reality. Curious? 

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PayPlaza and her Dutch brand Paqar announces strategic partnership with Payvision

PayPlaza and her Dutch brand Paqar, a leading payment software company and one of most innovative in financial services in the Benelux area, today announced that it has closed a strategic partnership agreement with Payvision, one of the fastest-growing global acquiring networks in the world. Payvision is owned by ING Bank.

Worldwide secure EMV cloud based payment gateway

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs choose the PayPlaza secure EMV cloud based gateway solution for all Embassies and Consulates worldwide in 150+ countries.

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More efficiency on the shop floor for Zeeman

Zeeman has chosen the integrated POS payment solution from PayPlaza.

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