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POS Gateway

We make POS Payment Acceptance easy, 
from anywhere to everywhere.

EMV POS Gateway

How does it work?


Use our easy to connect technology and connect your Point of Sale software to our Payment POS Gateway.

Access to EU POS Market

After integrating into your chosen payment transaction provider. We offer you a unique globally standardised reconciliation and 360 degrees reporting for all your transactions.

POS Experts

Make your POS payments setup easier with the all-in-one POS Gateway. Our POS Experts will help you integrate, wherever you are. 

OUR specialties

International POS Acceptance
made easy…

Experience facing obstacles and non-conformity across borders? Dealing with different partners for payment terminals, POS (software) integrations, various acquirers per country, and bank contracts? Looking for a solution that allows you to operate in several countries and standardize your Point-of-Sale Card acceptance through just one single infrastructure?

Point-of-Sale (POS) Gateway

PayPlaza loves to make payment acceptance easy from anywhere to everywhere. Therefore we’ve developed a smart solution, our PayPlaza POS Gateway.  It enables you to standardize and easily manage your Point-of-Sale Payment Acceptance through just that one single infrastructure.  Allowing the acceptance of all types of cards, languages, and currencies in all countries. PayPlaza allows you to centralize and reduce connections to your required partners and in doing so saves costs. Freedom to choose any Point-of-Sale payment terminal, POS software, and acquirer across Europe with just one infrastructure.

Reduce Multi-Contracts

Your financial department will no longer have to deal with various partners in several countries using differing reconciliation formats and reporting. Your IT department will no longer have to manage various support contracts, differing technical protocols, and solutions. And you will no longer lose valuable time or experiencing struggles when matching received transactions and terminal ticket amounts from your Point-of-Sale. 

Our PayPlaza POS Gateway makes it easy to expand and change merchant businesses internationally. Without the need for building new payment partner networks or having to connect to local card acceptance solutions.

By partnering with PayPlaza you will have complete control over all Point-of-Sale card payments. Which are directed through our platform for processing per country and/or payment solution of choice.

PayPlaza POS Gateway


User Experience

  • Provide your merchants and their users a frictionless payment acceptance experience.
  • Empower your merchants throughout Europe. By making it easy to accept in their local currency and preferred payment method.
  • Increase transparency, simplify reporting, and transaction management.

Operational Efficiency

  • Get your merchants up and running in a day.
  • Streamline European operations with just one integration.
  • Expand your network and POS acceptance solution portfolio. Without having to expand your operations and development.
  • Increase your merchant’s liquidity. By shortening the time it takes to receive payments EU wide.


  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.
  • PCI PIN compliant.
  • Secure compliant gateway.
  • Experienced POS Team working with in-country regulators continually.

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