Omni-channel mobile Point-of-Sale

Sell more using mobile Point-of-Sale payment terminals

Payplaza has developed an integrated solution for mobile payment terminals with scanners in conjunction with her international Point-of-Sale payment platform which is also compatible with classic payment terminal solutions over the same platform with the same partners. By combining this with POS software –or webshop- on an iPod or iPhone, a unique and flexible solution is available for a mobile scan-ECR-payment terminal with omni-channel functionality.

This solution enables employees, by walking around the store scanning articles and allowing products to be paid on the fly, to become a mobile point of sale, up selling customers 7%- 10%.

A previous fear of customers leaving the queue at the Point-of-Sale, without buying, now becomes history. Provide and stimulate your store sales staff with this integrated mobile scan-POS-payment terminal solution.

Payplaza enables various other solutions with tablet or other POS soft- and hardware types.

Please contact us to explore other omni-channel solutions matching your requirements