Nutricia implements Point2Pay by Docdata Payments

Docdata has in collaboration with PayPlaza developed a new unique payment solution called Point2Pay whereby the (web)shop is linked to a payment terminal. This solution brings together online and card present payment in full. Docdata Payments is the first payment service provider offering such a payment solution.

Online shops will increasingly being used as Point-of-Sale in shops and at events

In combination with the other services of Docdata like Fulfilment and Connect, Point2Pay offers an interesting end-to-end solution. Nutricia, known from the brand Nutrilon, Olvarit, Bambix and Danone, made first use of this integrated payment solution, during the Nine Months Fair in the Amsterdam RAI. For Nutricia this is in brief, pay card present, order online and pursue the order through the online fulfillment process.

Stefan Verbaarschott (Business Architect at Docdata):
“With this new payment solution, we took another important step in the evolving e-commerce payments landscape. We strongly believe that Omni Channel strategies are going to get a new turn and online shops will increasingly being used as regular cash register/Point-of-Sale in shops and at events. With our new Point2Pay payment solution, we make this possible for our customers.”


The new payment Point2Pay is still in the pilot phase and will soon be available on the market. With Point2Pay Docdata responding to the changing e-commerce landscape where Omni Channel solutions will become increasingly dominant. With the new payment solution Docdata also supports payments in places of the e-commerce landscape where you would not expect them. Examples include exhibitions and events were integrated payment and fulfillment solutions are desired. Consumers can view products in this way and pay with their debit card, the product can subsequently be delivered to the address desired by the consumers. The shop can continue to use its regular fulfillment strategy.

Matthijs Koorn (VP Business Development Preferred Partner):
“A clear trend that we for example see in the market is the opening of so-called flagship stores, where the physical location is mainly for brand experience. See a product and buy it at the store, but not taken home at the same time is going to be very common and offers great consumer convenience. “


Nutricia on Nine Months Fair: DocData already handles some time fulfillment and shop management Nutricia through Docdata Connect. The Nine Months Fair was a very good test for this integrated solution.

“We are very pleased with the result. Consumers ordered easily and they did not have to lug around with the products. Combined with other Docdata services, Point2Pay clearly satisfies the demand of our customers, but also that of the consumer. “


Especially for the Nine Months Fair Nutricia launched a campaign with the slogan” No lugging heavy packages, but a luxury goodie bag to take home! “. For this they have decorated the booth with multiple outlets and associated terminals. Consumers could buy products from the brands Nutrilon, Olvarit and Bambix. This purchase was paid immediately and the purchased products were delivered at home the next day. The free goodie bag worth € 25, – they took home the same day.

Because the payments are directly linked to the shop, it is possible to realize the fulfillment process optimally. There was no need for Nutricia to have stock available at the fair. Since then, so there is also no longer “no” sold to the customer. The striking thing was that the fair visitors much faster went to purchase the products, since the process was smoothly, quick and recognizable including the card present payment process.

“By offering this service on the Nine Months Fair we achieved our ambition to focus primarily on the consumer. We were able to focus on the visitor at the Fair stand with relevant information and digital services at key moments in the buying process. Together with Docdata we can continue to innovate for optimal consumer experience/convenience. With visible results “.
Says Max Goijarts (CRM Technology Manager at Nutricia).


About PayPlaza

PayPlaza offers through its innovation award winning payment platform various web services between the cash register, the payment terminals and the parties responsible for processing the transaction. PayPlaza facilitates smart Omni channel payment solutions. Thereby are connectivity, speed and safety key.

” After the seamless integration of the docdata payment checkout with the PayPlaza payment platform, the connected mobile scan-ecr-payment terminals enabled the ultimate omni-channel experience/convenience for Nutricia and its consumers.”
says Edgar Plasa (CEO PayPlaza).


Point2Pay, how does it work?

The Point2Pay payment of Docdata works very simply. When linking the payment methods at Docdata a (web) shop can buy or rent a PIN terminal. At the time a customer wants to buy a product of the (web)shop, the vendor selects the product in the webshop. Closing the purchase with a card present payment, there can be chosen for a Maestro debet card transaction or a cash payment. The payment method is only visible on the screen of the vendor and not the online shopper. If chosen to pay by debit or Docdata sends a message to PayPlaza Platform that x amount must be paid via terminal y. PayPlaza sends amount to the terminal, and the customer can pin. Docdata inform the merchant that the transaction was successful. If chosen for paying cash, the merchant can register the cash transaction in the paymentsystem of Docdata. In the back office of Docdata the merchant can turn various 360 degree reports and see exactly which transactions have been done.