International Point-of-Sale Merchant

What is the problem?

As an international organization with operations in several countries dealing with different partners for payment terminals, POS (software) integrations, various acquirers and bank contracts, multi language and currencies you are facing obstacles and non conformity across borders.

Your financial department has to deal per country with other partners with differing reconciliation formats and reporting. Your IT department has to manage various support contracts with the added headache of combined technical protocols and solutions. Difficulties arise when matching received transactions and terminal ticket amounts from your Point-of-Sale, taking up valuable time and resources.

Changing your Point-of- Sale card acceptance infrastructure has become difficult because of cross borders legality associated with differing solutions in each Country. Expanding your business to new territories means once again building your local partner network and searching for local solutions.

What do we solve?

By using the single payment infrastructure of PayPlaza for Point-of-Sale, in all the countries where card payments are processed, you will finally be able to standardize your Card acceptance at the Point-of-Sale. With our growing global network you will also be free to choose your bank and acquirer partners.

Business Case ZeemanRead our business-case regarding Zeeman, a large European retailer.

Single infrastructure for all countries

The PayPlaza technology and the connected Point-of-Sale card payment terminals operate via a single POS software integration for all cards, languages and currencies in all countries. PayPlaza therefore enables centralization and reduction of connections to your required partners and in doing so saves costs.

Freedom to choose any Point-of-Sale payment terminal, POS software and acquirer across the globe with just one infrastructure.

By partnering with PayPlaza you will have complete control on all Point-of-Sale card payments, which are directed for processing per country and/or payment brand to your selected partners.

What are the benefits?
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership by
  • Reduction in internal and external maintenance and administration costs
  • Full transparency in purchase processing
  • Lower transaction costs by single or multi acquiring
  • Control over card payments

We are proud -together with our partners-  to support your business with our cost leadership approach.