Acquirer / Payment Service Provider

International Card Present payments

By using PayPlaza you can service and support any international and cross border merchant as far as the reach of your acquirer license allows. No investment is needed to support and service those merchants in Europe with Card Present payment acceptance. With the additional offer to merchants of a single Card Present infrastructure for all countries and a single acquirer solution for CP & CNP transactions PayPlaza offers unique cross border opportunities.

By connecting PayPlaza you will increase your Card Present transaction volumes rapidly in more countries with additionally boarding new merchants.

With our technology and wide ranging Point-of-Sale terminal solutions you are now able to offer Card Present payments to your international and cross border merchants. PayPlaza technology supports any protocol, language and all currencies through these payment terminal solutions.

Increasing your market share by using the Card Present solutions from PayPlaza avoids time to market hurdles and substantial investments.

Expand turnover with Omnichannel solutions

As a  Payment Service Provider or Acquirer you can use the fast and easy webservice connection from PayPlaza. Seamlessly integrate and connect our card present transaction webservice to your own payment plug-in for the webshop of your merchants, allowing increasing in store sales.

Offer your merchant a unique click-in-bricks solution for card present payments acceptance of in store webshop sales.

An integrated mobile Point-of-Sale terminal solution increases merchant in-store sales by selling additional webshop goods.

Provide your merchants with 360 degree reporting by integrating all their CP and CNP transactions.

White label mPos solution

Specific target merchant groups can be acquired by using our white label mPos solution for Europe, USA and Asia.

The most secure P2PE mPOS solution available worldwide reduces time to market. The mPOS has NFC onboard and can be supplied in any color of choice.

POS apps on iOS, Android and Windows can also be integrated within a wallet or mobile banking app or more sophisticated POS software apps. At any time merchants can choose other optional terminal solutions whilst using a POS software solution or vice versa. Everything connected!

As an add on a more sophisticated POS software version is available on Ios, Android, Windows. Both software solutions are easy to modify with the desired look & feel.

The available processor and acquirer connections ensure a short and easy go to market process for this new Card Present, flexible, scalable, efficient and affordable solution.

Our transparent financial and service model gives flexibility and control over your business model and target merchant groups.