About PayPlaza

Innovative partner

PayPlaza is a leading global payment software company managed and driven by professionals each having over 20 years experience in the financial and payment industry. Since 2010 PayPlaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. From 2012 PayPlaza Solutions have been rolled out across Europe offering powerful advantages for our partners and clients.

The PayPlaza platform is PCI level 1 certified and includes full encryption technology matching the highest possible international security regulations.

PayPlaza’s is based in Amsterdam with additional offices located in Eindhoven and Madrid.

Over 2017 Payplaza processed transactions valuing 1,25 Billion Euro’s. In 2018 PayPlaza will proces +100 million transactions valuing an amount of 2 Billion Euros in Europe and the US.

The PayPlaza platform is PCI level 1 certified, including P2PE encryption technology matching the highest possible international security standards.

PayPlaza’s head office is Amsterdam and has an additional office in Madrid.

In 2013 PayPlaza was awarded by Accenture “The most innovative company in financial services”.


Raymond ten Cate


Leading the company from inception with 20 years of experience in the financial and payment industry, he makes sure that goals and promises are met and completed.

Olaf van Zandwijk


An architect who designs future proof software that meet the business requirements and always facilitates an agile way of working in a changing world.

Paul Moreau


With an extensive expertise and 20 years of card present payment terminals experience, he takes care of secure card payment processing.

Maurice Bahnen


As exprienced IT professional with a large network and vast experience with complex IT projects, Maurice will ensure the Payplaza platform will run smoothly.

Our office locations

Visitor adress & postal adress Netherlands
Amsterdam office  |  Vaalmuiden 7  |  1046 BV Amsterdam

Visitor adress Spain
Madrid office
Centro Empresas, Parque Cientifivo y Technologico
UPM campus Montegancedo, 28223 Pozuelo Madrid

+31 (0)20 240 08 20  |  info@payplaza.com